Apr 092014
Liberty & Libations social mixer with LPVC - Wed April 16, 7PM in T.O.

Please join us this month for some laidback liberty & libations at The Tipsy Goat Pub and Restaurant in Thousand Oaks. This place has something for everyone. Great Irish food, games to keep you entertained, and a cozy friendly atmosphere.  This is a fun way to meet the LPVC, and learn what the party can do for you. If interested, [Read More]

Apr 082014
Community Groups join LPVC for event

The Libertarian Party of Ventura County was proud to be joined by two local groups for our March event. Representatives from ASA (Americans for Safe Access) and Grandfather Ventura. All over our County people’s rights are under assault from local governments. The Party is committed to working with other community groups to defend your rights. [Read More]

Apr 062014
Liberty Bytes Weekly

♦ On Water ♦ California legislators–How many years are you going to cry “drought”? Instead of allowing much of our precious rainwater to be washed into the Pacific Ocean, how about completing construction on the dams, reservoirs, and hydroelectric plants that those groups claiming to be conservationist have obstructed for over 35 years. ♦ On Budgets ♦ When politicians talk [Read More]

Mar 302014

Californians are facing a state wide natural drought but a largely man-made water shortage. That is, despite the state experiencing a significant decrease in rainfall over the last few years resulting in a drought, the problem has been compounded by eco-tyranny embedded in State Government policies resulting in a water shortage. As congressman Tom McClintock explains in the video below, [Read More]

Mar 262014
California College Libertarian Convention Mar 28

The newly formed California College Libertarians will be having their first Annual Convention at 6:00 PM Friday evening, March 28th. at the Holiday Inn Hotel, 9000 West Airport Drive in Visalia. The convention will be held in tandem with the California State Libertarian Convention. The California College Libertarian group is the official student arm of [Read More]